``SUP`` Stand up Paddleboarding

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘SUP’, it stands for Stand UpPaddleboard. A paddleboard is essentially an oversized surfrboard that is meant for paddling only purposes. They have integrated a paddle (similar to canoe paddle) in order to be able to stand up while paddleboarding. Hence the term ‘Stand Up Paddleboarding’. The sport is relatviely easy to do and can be performed on any body of water from lakes, rivers, oceans, lagoons, and any other body of water. The boards are very wide which makes for easy balancing, but also provide a good workout because you muscles are kept tense to maintain balance.  Due to its versatility and ease of learning, SUP is exploding across the nation and has become the hippest way for people of all ages to explore various waterways from rivers to oceans. With roots in Hawaii, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) entails balancing atop a large surf-like board while propelling across a body of water with a single paddle.
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